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At the Law Office of Anthony Nigro, we primarily focus on estate litigation and probate and administration of estates. We also provide small business formation along with trademark guidance as well as a general litigation practice that includes personal injury and medical malpractice cases.


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We know litigation is time-consuming and costly; that's why we'll help guide you through the cost/benefit analysis of your case to find the best path for your unique problem.

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Wills and Trusts



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Estate Litigation

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Undue Influence

Case Study – A Jesuit’s Bequest

A 1990 case involving a deceased jesuit, teachers of my own education for eight years, brought up an interesting question;

Does a Jesuit’s promise and execution of a will leaving his entire estate to the Society in conjunction with his final vows, violate public policy? The answer is interesting .

The Charges:

Did a new Jesuit succumb to undue influence when signing his will?

The Verdict:

Objectant, brother of Jesuit, was summarily dismissed for not raising any triable issue of fact.

Client Testimonials:

Before hiring an attorney, I was a little anxious. Mr. Nigro put me at ease right away. He handled my problem with the utmost professionalism. I expected the work to drag on a bit, but it finished quickly. He thought of things that I did not, and never made me feel as though he was doing anything but taking his job seriously and honestly. I would thoroughly recommend him to others."